Creatures -SUPERLITE Comp 6 Leash

270.00 NIS

The Creatures of Leisure SUPERLITE Comp 6 leash is the lightest, most comfortable leash in the world specifically developed with custom materials for a ‘no leash feel’. The SUPERLITE leash fuses reliable Creatures of Leisure components with the latest technical innovation and materials.

Our Comp 6 is a lightweight Leash for small to medium sized waves. The 6mm cord and 6ft long Comp Leash is perfect for a broad range of conditions and ideal for day-to-day use.

  • LEASH LENGTH: 6’ x 1.8m
  • CORD THICKNESS: 3/16” x 5mm
  • CUFF WIDTH: 1.18” x 30mm
  • RAILSAVER WIDTH: 1” x 25mm


Creatures TPU Cord

DNA Flex Mould

Elliptical Horn

Surefire Leash Release

WT1 Welded Mesh

Non-Slip Cuff

Moulded Velcro