SunPowered Super Mini Dura Resin Fiberfill Kit 1 oz

90.00 NIS

1 fl oz Tube of Dura Resin
Dual Grit Sand Pad
2 Mix Sticks
2 Smoothy Sheets



SunPowered and Fiberfilled Resin Includes a Dual Grit Sand Pad and Smoothy Sheets. Safe For Epoxy and Poly Boards. The super versatile, Super Mini is airline approved and delivers pro finish, ultra clear, permanent results with endless shelf life Guaranteed!


Can I use Dura Resin on my Epoxy Board?

Yes, Dura Resin is Safe for delicate, ultra light styrofoam cores as well as the old standard polyurethane board cores. Heat is a natural byproduct of the curing process with all resins. We recommend flashing the repair in and out of sunlight in 10 second intervals during curing when heat is a concern for ultra light foams.

Dura Resin is the only UV Curing, Fiber Filled product that is…Endless Shelf Life Guaranteed / Epoxy-Poly Safe / Airline Approved …and cleans up with soap and water!