Russell Surfboard -Mini Tranquilizer 8’8 Squash Tail

7,900.00 NIS

Size: 8’8” x19 1/8”x2 1/4”

Tail shape: Squash  Tail

Fin Layout:Single Fin

Fin Size Range : 9.5 - 10

Construction: Pu/ Volan

Artwork: Resin Swirl/matte finish

The mini Tranquilizer is our mini pig style nose rider.
  A good log option for a beach break for light weight people, the wide point is pulled back giving it some hips.  The flip of rocker out of the tail gives The Tranquilizer its easy pivot off the take off  to set up for a long ride on the nose.  The board has a rolled bottom and 50/50 rails.  The Tranquilizer features our flex nose stringer, a  1” cedar stringer in the tail that tapers and stops about 24 inches before the nose.  The unique stringer does a few things, it allows the board to have a bit more natural rocker while surfing it off the tail and when you run up and park on the nose, the board flattens out and trims.  The stringer also lets the board twist while you are on the nose, keeping the rail engaged and in the pocket while the fin stays planted.  Get up on the nose and set up camp!