Catch Surf - Odysea 5'2'' JOB PRO - FIVE FIN

2,300.00 NIS


Designed by the undisputed “King of Softboards”, Jamie O’Brien, the JOB PRO’s are designed and built to take soft surfboard performance to new levels! Jamie’s new 5’2” Five-Fin rips in a wide variety of waves and features the ability to change up fin configurations for small wave shredding or packing mean shorebreak tubes on the bigger days!!!

NOTE: FINS included. Board can be ridden as both a Quad (x4 fins: front and rear side fins only) or Thruster (x3 fins: front fins and center rear fin only)!


  • 5’2” x 20.0” x 3.0” (38 Liters)

  • Designed by Jamie O’Brien!

  • Central Concave and Deep Vee Out the Tail

  • Custom Bat Tail with Five Fin Option; Can be setup as Quad, Tri or Twin Fin!

  • Stiff Dual-Composite Core

  • Triple (x3) Maple-Ply Stringers

  • Durable HDPE Bottom with Bumper-Tail

  • Hi-Performance Removable Fin System with Fins and Leash Plug

  • Designed by Catch SurfÒ in San Clemente, California, USA