NVS - OLA FLEX (7.5 - 10.5) - VOLAN

550.00 NIS
Tree Ring Finish

The Ola Flex series is a result of a collaboration with Michele Puliti of Ola Surfboards. The classic outline was inspired by the master, and iconic innovator George Greenough. True to Greenough's highly developed understanding of hydrodynamics and performance, the Ola template was designed with a flared base and moderate rake, providing drive and stability. A progressively tapered outline and flexible tip enhances maneuverability and playfulness through turns.

The Volan glass and optimized weave orientation produce a very high performance flex pattern that extends through much of the body of the fin, rather than just the tip. All our Flex series fins are foiled to ensure proper performance, and a beautiful tree ring aesthetic.

The Ola is highly versatile longboard fin that will work well in most any surfboard: classic noseriders, high performance longboards, mid-lengths, eggs, and smaller 2 plus 1 fun-boards. Most people describe the feeling as free and fluid.