5,600.00 NIS

סאב זירו- המחליף של פסיכו נייטרו, השינוי היחיד היה הידוק הרייל והנמכתו על מנת להקנות עוד יכולת אחיזה ואגרסיביות, סט טפ של 5 חרבות כמו בדגם הקודם, מאפשר מגוון התנהנגויות בהתאם לגלים


This is everything you want in small surf. To create the Sub Xero, we combined the new Xero with our long running summer favourite, the Psycho Nitro. It has the Nitro’s ultra-fast low to flat rocker and full outline, but with the nose pulled in a touch, and a wider, straighter tail.

In the engine room, vee in the nose prompts quick rail to rail transitions, moving into a deeper single to double concave, which helps the Sub Xero to hold speed and change directions with minimal energy. Generous thickness & a flatter deck is complemented by slightly pulled down rails, similar to other boards with EasyRider style dimensions. This helps maintain volume throughout, while also making it easy to initiate turns and provide immediate response to hit any section on offer.

It’s designed to be as performance oriented as you could possibly ride in knee high waves, and we couldn’t be more excited to unveil it for those days you wouldn’t even get in the ocean without the right super groveler. For slow waves, you need the fastest board – enjoy the Sub Xero.